No Spend Weekend

It should come as no surprise that the “no spend weekend” is exactly what it purports to be — a time when the family tries to make it through the entire weekend without spending any money. While accomplishing a no spend weekend is more difficult than a no spend a day, it’s a lot easier than a no spend week making it a great stepping stone between the two. The weekend is long enough that it can give a good test to your creativity and resilience to the unexpected, while not seeming like a terribly long time that’s too overwhelming.

Once of the great benefits a no spend weekend has over a no spend day is that it usually covers much different activities. While no spend days are often done during work days, the no spend weekend is over a two-day period where the parents don’t usually have to work. That means that instead of finding the daily habits where money leaks, the challenge is often to find cost-free entertainment that the entire family can enjoy.

The truth is that the first few no spend weekends can be really difficult if you are used to paying for your entertainment. It’s essential for everyone in the family to be on board and to know that there will likely be some difficult moments when first trying these weekends out. It takes time for everyone to learn to work together and find entertainment that they all enjoy that also doesn’t require spending any money.

The good news is that if you can get through the first few no spend weekends, it gets much easier as you get a better understanding of what everyone in the family can agree upon. It’s also important to realize that there really needs to be a concerted effort to get everyone out from behind the TV and video games which is an easy default to trying new things. There will likely be resistance to this if this is how the family normally spends a large amount of their time on the weekend, but with a little effort and patience, no spend weekends can open up a whole new world of activities that the children will often remember fondly long after they have moved out on their own.

The most important things to remember about the no spend weekend challenge is that the ultimate goal is bigger than not spending any money during the weekend. While not spending money is the challenge, the goal is to find ways that you and your family can spend memorable and quality time on weekends together that doesn’t involve spending money. The process of trial and error should help you achieve this and help you better utilize your money over weekends which will ultimately lead to better finances overall.

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